Skaven Army for Trade; Looking for Daemons of Chaos and CSM

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Skaven Army for Trade; Looking for Daemons of Chaos and CSM

Post by thedarkmessiah on Fri Mar 15, 2013 1:38 pm

Below is a massive Skaven force. This is perfect if you want to jump right into Warhammer Fantasy with a pretty large army. With these items, you should be able to field an army that exceeds 3,000pts without sacrificing effectiveness for points. Excluding the books and cards, the lot retails for over $1,200.00.

Here is what I have:

Warhammer Fantasy Mini-Rulebook
Skaven Army Book
Battle Magic Cards (8 core schools)
Skaven Battle Magic Cards
~16x movement trays
Warlord Spinetail, used as a BSB (With banner, metal, well-painted)
Plague Furnace (Well-painted)
Plague Priest with Flail (Well-painted, plastic)
Vermin Lord (Converted from Daemon Prince model, bare)
Grey Seer (Well-painted, metal)
Warlord on foot (Bare, unassembled, Island of Blood)
Warlord on War-Litter (Custom model, well-painted, plastic)
Warlock (bare, Island of Blood)
Warlock with converted Doomrocket (bare, Island of Blood)
2x Master Moulders (Bare, Island of Blood)
4x Rat Ogres (Bare, Island of Blood)
2x Rat Ogres (Plastic, bare)
2x Packmasters with whips (Bare)
58x Stormvermin with Full Command and Halberds (Plastic, bare)
80x Clanrats with hand weapons and shields, two Full Commands (Mostly painted, some primed)
40x Clanrats with spears and sheilds, Full Command (Mostly bare, some primed)
40x Skavenslaves with hand weapons only (Some base painted, some primed, some bare)
20x Lizardmen Skinks converted to be Skavenslaves with hand weapons only (bare)
14x Gutterrunners / Nightrunners (Plastic, bare)
6x Gutterrunners with Slings (Plastic, bare)
2x Warpfire Throwers (Island of Blood, bare)
2x Poison Wind Mortars (Island of Blood, bare)
40+ Giant rats, some on bases, many not based (various plastic, bare)
60x Plague Monks with Full Command (Plastic, bare, About 12 of them have flails and could be used as Plague Censer-Bearers)
2x Warp-Lightning Cannons (Plastic, painted, without crew, which are still on sprues)
1x Doomwheel (Well-painted, plastic)
1x Doomwheel (NIB)
2x Plagueclaw Catapaults (plastic, bare)
1x Hellpit Abomination (plastic, bare, not glued to a base, but base is included)


Daemon Princes (Plastic)
Lucius the Eternal (Metal pref, but will accept Finecast)
Chaos Terminators (Plastic)
Noise Marines and Noise Marines weapons (Metal pref, but will accept Finecast)
Chaos Space Marines
Chaos Cultists with Melee Weapons
Chaos Rhinos
Chaos Spawn
Missile Launcher Chaos Marines
Chaos Land Raider
Burning Chariot of Tzeentch
Metal Plaguebearers with Command
Plastic Horrors
Plastic Daemonettes
Juan Diaz Daemonettes
Plague Drones
Festus the Leechlord

Open to most things CSM and Chaos Daemons, I prefer items unassembled and unpainted, but that's negortiable. If something is on a base, I prefer for it to be on a round base. Let me know!


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